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From pre-employment to current control

Smart personally customized reliability tests

The groundbreaking reliability test platform developed by Integrity Meter allows the organization's recruitment and security experts to ensure the workers' maximal suitablitiy for their job requirements, both professionally and personally, from the moment they are recruited and throughot their employment period in the organization.

The most comprehensive width of test subjects, including personality characteristics and risk factors
Immediate, unequivocal and explained results
Extensive statistical capabilities
A hiding attempt revealing mechanism
Use of further consideration based on report's findings
Full modification to the organization's requirements

Our Tests

Pre-employment test


The most credible and comprehensive employee recruitment internet test. The combination of a deep scrutiny of the candidate's personal values, a unique hiding attempt revealing mechanism and extensive comparison capabilities, ensures the location of the most credible and suitable employee for every job in the organization.

Personal suitability

Maximal modification to the organization's nature and goals:

  1. Adding and removing questions and topics 

  2. Changing the importance weight of each topic

  3. Determining the threshold that best fits the organization


Information about all relevant topics for employee absorption:

  1. Motivation and perseverance

  2. Credibility, personal integrity and reporting habits

  3. Having been involved in criminal activities, gambling, industrial espionage

מבדק טרום תעסוקתי

A periodical checkup


An advanced test that gives you a full picture of what goes on in the organization, throughout the year, by detecting irregularities and by preventing losses and internal disorders. In spite of its technological sophistication, the test is easy to operate and provides you with a detailed account at the end.

מבדק תקופתי

Questioning occupational integrity


A personal interview in which the candidate or employee is asked to provide personal information about him/herself, according to the organization's occupational integrity definition. The questioning, which is carried out in strict accordance with the dignity and privacy of the respondent, addresses a variety of factors, such as personality and behavior, degree of cooperation, and suspicion of attempts to hide information.

A four-step structured process

  1. Planning and preparing for the interview

  2. Meeting the employee and explaining the process to him/her

  3. Getting through the questioning process

  4. Weighting the data, evaluating and making recommendations

The questioning can be carried out in a variety of languages.


The questioning can be carried out in each one of the following languages:
Hebrew, English, Russian, Amharic, French, Spanish and Arabic

תשאול יושרה

Background checkup

A deep scrutiny of the candidate's personal and professional backgrounds, which singinicantly minimizes the risk involved in the recruitment process. This scrutiny is carried out by searching legal and economic data bases, while respecting the legal restrictions and the candidate's privacy.


The subjects examined include:

  • Occupational history

  • Education

  • Personal connections

  • Legal and economic backgrounds

בדיקת רקע

Who are you looking for?

We'll help you focus on the right candidate.


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